Immunity to Change™

What is Immunity to Change™?

Immunity to Change™ is a learning process, that provides a practical approach for changing our lives and our organisations. Developed by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, faculty at Harvard University, it is based on many decades of research on adult development. Immunity to Change™ is used worldwide for personal development, for sustainable achievements of professional goals and to change organizations.

We support people, teams and organizations for personal and collective change within the Immunity to Change approach. The approach is highly effective. Especially if the issue is particularly important. If, despite well-thought-out plans and good intentions, the goal remains out of reach, a new approach can lead to success with Immunity to Change™. 

Many projects fail because they focus on changing behavior. However, in addition to technical solutions and behavioral changes, the important projects also require adaptive development. Our approach, our attitude and how we think about things must also evolve. Immunity to Change™ enables mindset development and new behavior and thus makes the decisive difference.

Immunity to Change™ brings a new learning experience. In a well-structured, amazingly simple process you discover the hidden mechanism, that work against the desired change. With this insights you learn new approaches for complex challenges, thus that the change will happen. You grow beyond yourself, increase the ability to learn and improve the skill, to deal with complex challenges. 

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