Growing personally and professionally

Coaching by willms.partner is a specialized consulting service for leaders.

We work with C-suite executives and high potentials, with business owners and founders, line managers and project managers, young executives and those who are about to become one.

Coaching Dialogue offers an open reflection space.

We work on complex challenges and look for new solutions with you. By looking at things from different perspectives, we try to discover as yet unknown mechanisms of action. In doing so, we also include the individual, because ultimately the aim is to improve your effectiveness as a leader.

We work in a transformative way. Transformative learning means that we get to the bottom of things. We make visible the fundamental patterns that shape our thoughts and actions. How do you create success? What limits your impact? How can you overcome these limitations?

Transformative coaching helps you to master the next growth challenge. Limitations become learning steps on the way to becoming the leader you really want to be.

Transformative learning makes the difference. Our coaching is personal and professional. Personal and professional development are two sides of the same coin.

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